Real corner Arzobispo Sts. Intramuros Manila

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The ECJ Building is a massive five-storey structure on the corner of Real and Arzobispo streets in Intramuros. Built of entirely reinforced concrete frames, granolithic-finish interiors , a central atrium covered by a steel-framed lexan skylight , a second-level parking space, two passenger elevators,and a reinforced concrete roof deck, the ECJ as built has a total floor area of 12,821 sq.meters.

The ECJ Building stands on historical ground: the Augustinian order provincial house, Casa Nueva, used to stand on the very same spot in the 1800s, connected by a covered walkway to the Augustinian cathedral (San Agustin Church) and convent across the street. The Casa Nueva was destroyed by a fire in 1932. In 1939, a new two-storey building was constructed on the same site, which would house the Adamson University. During the Japanese occupation, this school building was commandeered by the Japanese for use as army barracks until its destruction in 1945. The lot remained empty until the ECJ Building was constructed in the mid-1980.

The ECJ Building is an Intramuros landmark today, owing to its full ornate facade patterned after the Casa Nueva of the preceding century.